A vision of your future…

Habakkuk 2:2 Says “write the vision and make it plain”

Research has shown that something as simple as having a list of goals in your possession dramatically increases your chances of reaching them!  Imagine that.  Making a written list of goals and keeping that list in your possession makes you far more likely to achieve your goals.

We are not talking about a daily ‘to do’ list here, we are talking about taking the time to solidify and pin point specific goals, long-term goals and write them down.

This applies to every area of your life.  It is even a very effective tool for your marriage.  Sit down as a couple and determine a handful of goals for your marriage.  Depending on the state of your marriage, your goals may be shorter or longer term.  For example, if your marriage is not completely ‘on the rocks’ your goals will be longer term like “Have all the credit cards paid to zero by January 2015” or “Purchase our first home by (date).”   If fixing a marriage on the rocks is the goal, then your goals will be immediate-term like “what my tone of voice each day when speaking to my husband” or “be affectionate towards my wife in a non-sexual way each day”.

When we were on the rocks and facing divorce, we had written goals that we each posted in a place we would see them every morning.  As a matter of fact, our original goals on ‘sticy’ notes are still posted in the original location all these years later as a reminder.

Suzanne’s goal note says:  “Remember that men need to feel honored and respected.  Do/say at least one thing today that will make Brian feel honored and/or respected.

Brian’s goal note says:  “Remember women need to feel emotionally secure.  Do/say at least one thing today that will make Sue feel emotionally secure in our marriage.”

And each and every day we both made a point to meet these goals – and well, the rest is history… here we are!

At this point in our marriage we still strive to meet those original goals each day, but we have also sat down and WRITTEN out a 3-year financial plan, and we are in the process now of writing out a longer 5-10 year plan for where we will be financially, spiritually, secularly, and in ministry as a family, and as a couple.  In this plan we are writing now we are taking into account the changes in our family as children grow (how do we help them get to their own God-ordained places in life and leave the nest) as well as what each of us would like to do as individuals and how those individual plans blend with the greater goal of where we want to be as a COUPLE!  (Remember, that all of our children are to LEAVE and our job is to help them get there as effectively as we can).  So our written goals need to see the point in time where we are a COUPLE again, with the children all independent, healthy, and beginning their own journeys.

So today is the first day of the week!  What a great day to sit down as husband and wife and look to your future together.  Talk things out and set some goals.  And then write them down!

“Love does not consist in gazing at each other, but in looking together in the same direction.”  – Antoine De Saint-Exupery