Who we are

Brian and Suzanne have been together over 28 years.  They met in 1988, married in 1992, and have six children and one grandchild.  Neither was a practicing Christian when they met, and neither had any idea how to make a life-time commitment work.

After many years of struggling, the marriage fell apart.  The couple was dealing with addictions, infidelity, depression, disabilities, and illness.  Divorce was imminent…. But GOD!

Ultimately they decided to start over, submit to God, and change!  God taught them both so much during their time of healing… and then God told them to share what they have learned.


Our Mission is to mentor couples through the process of improving their marriage and themselves.


 Certified in Biblical Counseling through The Association of Christian Counselors.

Riverview Missionary Baptist Church, 1997-2000.  Suzanne served on the Ministerial staff while Brian served on the Trustee Board.

Living Word Chapel, 2000-2014.  Brian and Suzanne both served as Deacons.  In 2007 they were both commissioned for ministry by Senior Pastor Donald Moore to serve in marriage ministry and counseling.

Presently attending The New York District School of Ministry in Albany, NY.

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